Our 1st Boat-Check promises you a clear and professional overall impression.

boat check approved exam

In the 1st Boat-Check (Boot-Check) E/M/S bundles the requirements of our clients with the professional competence of experienced experts in the maritime sector. On several pages the exact data to the respective boat / the respective yacht are noted and clearly understandable statements to the most different ranges and assemblies.

boat check balanced risk assessmentThrough the involvement of an expert you document your competent position when buying a used boat or a yacht from previous ownership. The important facts when buying a boat or yacht are compiled and evaluated for you in order to avoid possible mistakes,

The structural and clear presentation of the many test indicators helps you to weigh up your rational and yet highly emotional purchase decision.


With our 1st Boat-Check (Boot-Check) you receive a first meaningful instrument, on the basis of which you can get a clear and concise picture of your favourite boat / yacht. Purely factual facts, recorded free of your personal emotions, will clarify any weaknesses at a glance.

Through further options, such as:

  • detailed condition assessment
  • Analyses of engine oil, hydraulic oil and lubricants
  • Rig inspection
  • Ultrasonic measurements from the fuselage
  • Osmosis diagnosis using a moisture meter
  • Functional tests of various aggregates as well as a
  • Test drive with extensive tests

our 1st Boat-Check can be extended.


The Boats-Paper-Check


In order to buy a boat or a yacht, a large number of documents must be issued and signed by you. From the purchase of the boat to the registration, numerous legal and tax steps have to be considered and carried out. Our experienced team will assist you with the Boats-Paper-Check service, also known internationally abbreviated as BPC. One of our services at the BPC is the examination of the required documents in the following areas:

  • Purchase contract
  • owner chain
  • EU-conformity
  • VAT status
  • admissibility


You have the choice between our standard package and the comprehensive premium package. The standard check includes the check of the boat papers for completeness. Especially for used boats and yachts the presentation of the complete documents is important and helps to maintain the value of the boat.


For the premium version, our experts also carry out a document check. After the documents have been inspected by our experienced staff, you are well prepared to make the entry in an official shipping register. In the event of a change of register or a register transfer, our correspondence office will assist you in handling the legally relevant steps. You can also extend the premium package by legal assistance to legally secure the purchase of your yacht or boat. The advice of a specialised lawyer is indispensable, especially in the case of an international sales contract with a foreign seller!